USACE Civilian

The Deployment Administrative Resource Team (DART) has directed you to this web site to get you started on the paperwork necessary for deployment. You will be working with the DART for submission of your pre-deployment package. All pre-deployment paperwork, to include completed medical, with the exception of your security clearance verification, MUST be submitted to your DART Representative NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR to reporting to Camp Atterbury, Indiana (CAIN). Failure to provide this info in the requested timeline will result in delays to the original deployment date.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any issues opening PDFs in Edge, or if they seem to stall out with a spinning graphic, please open a CHROME browser instead as we work through this technical issue.  

Security Clearance

Your CPAC representative or your Deployment Coordinator will notify you if a clearance is required for your position.

CAIN Training Requirements - Last update: 04Jan2024 



USACE Specific Training Requirement (only if identified in your ENGLINK Tasker). 

Hand-carry copies of all training certificates and turn them into the J1 Office when in-processing.

PLEASE submit your Emergency Essential Position Agreements to your HR reps.


At least one official passport is needed for deployment.  Travel with a tourist passport and an official memo from the Passport Agent stating the official passport is processing and referencing the bar code from the application can be used until 30Sep2022 for duty locations of Germany and Japan.  All other locations require an official passport in hand before deploying.  

For Iraq deployments the Official Passport and Iraqi Visas are required. Official passports should be applied for within 48 hours of assignment notification.   The typical processing time for Official Passports is two to three business weeks. 

A passport with an expiration date of six months or more beyond current tour end date is considered valid for deployment.

A Tourist passport can be obtained through your local Post Office or local state/town government.

To begin the process for applying for your official passport and/or Iraq visa, please contact Ms. Cheryl A. Young, TAM Passport Agent for instructions/guidance on this process.  Ms. Young can be reached at  (540) 665-4069 and via email,  She will need to know the Command you will be deploying in support of (ie, TAE, ECW, FEST) and the deployment duty location.

Eagle Cash Card

The Eagle Cash Card is now mandatory for civilians while they are deployed to Iraq and Kuwait.  The card will replace using cash while you are deployed. Please complete DD Form 2887 and you will be briefed at CAIN on the use of the card. Also bring a voided check with you to the CRC.

Common Access Cards (CACs)

Although not a requirement, please make every effort to get a new CAC that includes Geneva Convention privileges before you arrive at the CRC. Given the volume of deployees passing through CAIN, waiting until you arrive just slows down the process. Your new CAC can be made for the length of your orders plus 30 days. You must have your orders in hand to have the new CAC made.

Government Travel Card

Provide a current copy of your Government Travel Card Training (Travel Card 101). Note: Your training is good for 3 years from the date your training was taken; if your training will expire while you are deployed. Please refresh your training before you deploy. Instructions. If you do not have a Government Travel Card (GTC) and you wish to apply, contact the TAM Citibank Agency Program Coordinator (APC) at 540-665-2357. It takes about two (2) weeks to apply for and receive a GTC. (Non-government employees – your GTC will be sent to TAM and you will receive it once you are at CAIN). Please plan accordingly.

Ensure you review the Use of the Government Travel Card instructions prior to using it for deployment purposes. If you have any questions concerning the use of the GTC, contact the TAM Citibank APC.

Please read and sign the Government Travel Charge Card Statement of Understanding. 

Travel Arrangements

Contact your DART representative concerning your travel arrangements.


________ Camp Atterbury Data Card Must be filled out and sent to your DART representative within 24 hours of notification of assignment. 

_______ Please read and sign the Camp Atterbury Conditions of Deployment, Memorandum of Agreement.  

_______ Corps of Engineers employees: Log on to ENGLink and update your Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and Record of Emergency Data You will need your U-PASS user ID and Oracle password to login. After logging into ENGLink, click the link to your "Personal Data Sheet". From there, click on "edit" on the page. This will allow you to make changes to your PDS.  Non-Corps Employees must complete the Personnel Data Sheetprint off in landscape and send with other paperwork.

_______ FAMILY READINESS (per regulation ENG 600-1-54 and OPORD 2011-22) , please complete the Family Readiness Form ENG 6037-E. You will be able to make changes or update your form as your situation changes. You can specify the type of contact the Family Readiness Program may have with your Family.  

_______ Fill out the Direct Deposit Form. This data is primarily for travel reimbursement, but will also be used for regular pay if no other data is provided.

_______ Complete the DD93 Record of Emergency Data. The DD93 lists your next of kin to be notified if you become a casualty. Include a strip map to the address of the next of kin. Provide a copy of the DD93 to DART and to your home station EOC. Hand-carry a copy to CAIN and overseas for your downrange supervisor.

_______ Complete Thrift Savings Plan (TSP-19), if you have a TSP loan.

_______  A clothing form is required for all deployees processing through Camp Atterbury.  If possible, please get sized at a Central Issue Facility (CIF) at an Army installation. 

_______   Complete the DD Form 2365 (Emergency Essential Form).  Complete sections 1 - 7 and sign and date in section 10.  You do not need to have your supervisor sign in section 9 of the form. We will ensure it gets signed by the appropriate person.  

Information Management

Personnel coming from other USACE Districts wanting to retain a copy of their current emails and or documents should contact their local IT Departments 2 weeks prior to deployment.

_______ Complete the System Authorization Access Request Form.  All deployees must answer the questions on the form and fill out PART I – Blocks 1-12 only.  Return the completed form to the DART.


Incomplete medical information or having a certain medical condition is the primary reason an individual will not deploy or is delayed. Individuals are not allowed to deploy with certain medical condition. Click here for information about disqualifying medical conditions.

*IMPORTANT: It is difficult to list all conditions that would disqualify someone from deploying.  You will be reimbursed for your physical and dental exams only if you are deemed medically deployable. If the USACE medical staff requires additional tests to determine if you are deployable, the cost of these tests may be reimbursable. Be sure to keep any receipts and file them with your travel voucher after you arrive at your deployment location.  Medical expenses are paid separately, and reimbursement will take longer than reimbursement for your actual travel expenses.   You will not be reimbursed for corrective actions such as dental work or for any type of surgery required to make your medically deployable. 

* You must deploy with the following medical information:
1) Annotation of blood type and Rh factor, HIV, and DNA

2) Prescription medications:  If you are deploying for one year or more, bring a 180 day supply and be prepared to explain how you will obtain refills.  If you are deploying for less than a year bring a 180 supply or an amount sufficient to cover the entire deployment.

3) Special duty qualifications.

4) Annotation of corrective lens prescription.

5) Summary sheet of current and past medical and surgical problems. (DD Form 2807-1)

6) Copy of DD Form 2795 (Pre-deployment Health Assessment Form) Instructions

7) Documentation of dental status class I or II.

8) Immunization record: Must accurately reflect the current status for all immunizations at the time of departure (i.e. last minute immunizations provided on the deployment line must be annotated in the deployment medical record prior to departure. These must be promptly entered into electronic data system to ensure receiving medics in the AOR have access to accurate data for each inbound member).

Since the medical requirement is also the most costly and time consuming, follow the pre-deployment checklist below to ensure all necessary information is sent to the DART.

_______ Instructions for DD Form 2808 and DD Form 2808, Report of Medical Exam, completed and must be signed by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant.

_______ Instructions for DD Form 2807 and DD Form 2807 1, Report of Medical History, completed and must be signed by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant.

_______ DD Form 2795 (fill out electronically). Instructions.

_______ DD Form 2813(REMINDER: Use CHROME browser to view, download, save file to complete.) Report of Dental Exam, completed and signed by your dentist. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR DENTIST SIGNS AND PUTS HIS LICIENCE NUMBER IN BLOCK 9 OF THIS FORM.

_______  Instructions for DD Form 771 and  DD FORM 771/Questionnaire EYE WEAR PRESCRIPTION glasses, you must complete a DD FORM 771/Questionnaire. This form MUST be included in your deployment packet, even if glasses/contacts are not required. In that case, simply write "glasses not required" on the form. The DD771 is the only form accepted by DoD when ordering prescription eyewear. If you have current glasses with a valid prescription, it needs to annotated on the DD 771 along with the Pupillary Distances (both near and far).  If glasses are needed the prescription, Pupillary Distances (both near and far) and frame size are needed.   PRESCRIPTION MUST NOT BE OLDER THAN ONE YEAR.

_______ Visual Acuity (Both Near and Far with and without glasses).  Either doctor’s note or annotated on the DD Form 2808 (Blocks 61 and 63).   This is the only vision test that is initially required.  You will be notified if further testing is needed.

_______ INITIAL ENTRY Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Tool

To avoid delays in the ordering process, please ensure all writing is clear and legible.

In order to meet deployment requirements, all personnel who require corrective eyewear are required to have two sets of prescription glasses prior to deployment.

_______ Copy of the laboratory report with the following tests completed.  Please ensure your doctor does not do any other lab work such as a drug screening. Only the below will be reimbursable unless repeat testing is required or additional information is needed:

    • Urinalysis (Routine) Includes testing for color, Sp. Gravity, PH

    • Fasting Chem 14.  If your fasting blood sugar is 110 or higher, you will need a hemoglobin A1C.

    • CBC

    • LIPID Profile (over 35 years of age)

    • G6PD (must have a normal result with taking anti-malaria medication)

    • Blood Type/RH

    • HIV (within 120 days)

    • DNA on File (Not always possible, can be done at the CRC)

_______ Copy of the EKG (if over 40 years of age).

_______ If on prescription medications, you MUST deploy with at least a 180 day supply.

_______ Complete Audiogram on DD Form 2216 or Hearing Form on DD2215.  Completed DD215 or DD216 are required as part of the medical packet.  If able, have these completed at a military installation and put into the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS).  If it is not done at a military installation it may have to be redone at Camp Atterbury so CAIN Medical Staff can enter the data into DOEHRS.   


 _______ Pregnancy Test (Urine), within 30 days of deployment. Women who have had hysterectomies are exempt.

*There could be certain circumstances, such as previous abnormal tests or family history issues where these time limits could vary. Notify your DART representative if you have any questions.


_______ ANTHRAX (mandatory for personnel deploying to the USCENTCOM AOR). For additional information on the anthrax vaccine, see

_______ HEPATITIS A (series of 2 injections -- 2nd injection is 6 to 12 months after your first injection) One series in lifetime, no booster required unless recommended by Health Care Provider.

_______ HEPATITIS B (series of 3 injections -- 2nd injection is 30 days after first injection; 3rd injection is 6 to 12 months after the first injection)

_______ INFLUENZA (yearly, between the months of September and May) For months outside September-May, as recommended by Health Care Provider

_______ MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) (As an adult, once in a lifetime). People born before 1957 do not require a MMR vaccine.

_______ POLIO (oral or IM) (As an adult, once in a lifetime)

_______ TETANUS / DIPHTHERIA (Once every 10 years)

_______ TYPHOID (Every 2 years)