Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is the Middle East District headquartered in the United States if all its work is overseas?
From the early 1950s to the mid-1970s, USACE elements were located with customers and projects in allied nations. In 1976, USACE created a stateside unit near Winchester, Virginia, to provide rear echelon design and contracting support for the forward-based Middle East Division and its districts in Saudi Arabia. The relocation brought significant cost savings, and since then, USACE has maintained a U.S. based organization supporting operations in the Middle East.
 Why is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers working in the Middle East?
USACE has had a presence in the area since the early 1950s, starting with work in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. The mission has remained constant through a direct line of successive organizations: to provide engineering design and construction management services to support U.S. policy initiatives abroad. On behalf of USACE, the Middle East District provides its services to customers in the Middle East and Central Asia (often referred to as the U.S. Central Command area of operations). The district designs and constructs facilities for U.S. forces, supervises a wide array of service contracts for various military customers, assists other U.S. government and foreign agencies, and supports USACE operations in Afghanistan.
 What kind of international work does the Middle East District do?

The Middle East District has several missions that fall under USACE’s international and interagency program. The district supports U.S. and foreign government agencies through the Defense Department’s security assistance program, aimed at promoting regional stability, including Foreign Military Sales. The District also supports U.S. Defense Department-funded projects providing humanitarian assistance and counternarcotics projects.

 How is USACE involved with foreign military sales programs?

Foreign Military Sales is a component of security assistance that transfers defense equipment, services and training to allied nations, including engineering services. Examples of FMS programs include: USACE has worked with Egyptian defense forces for more than 30 years to upgrade facilities to support military aircraft, naval vessels, and related systems purchased from the United States; the work includes renovation and construction of facilities at air, land and navy bases. The district also has awarded contracts for the Iraq Ministry of Defense for administrative offices, barracks, utilities, and Iraq Air Force facilities. In FMS programs for the Jordanian Ministry of Defense, the district constructed the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. The district is working with other Middle East customers for FMS projects.

 Does the Middle East District perform USACE projects in Virginia or in the nearby states?
No. USACE projects within the boundaries of Virginia are handled by either the Baltimore District or Norfolk District, depending on whether the project is military construction or civil works. See map at to determine the responsible USACE organization.
 How do I find the USACE office serving my geographic location?
Please visit our Office Locator page at and enter the zip code for your geographical area. Contact information for the Corps of Engineers office serving your geographical area of interest will be provided.
 How do I get information regarding former or current USACE employees?
We cannot/do not provide personal information regarding former/current employees.
 How do I locate former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers military personnel?
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cannot assist; however, the U.S. Army has a system in place for possibly helping to locate former/retired military personnel. Please visit the Army’s website at to find information which may assist you.
 How do I find out about training, certification, instructing classes offered by USACE?
Please visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Learning Center at or email the USACE Learning Center at
 How do I apply for a job?
Click here to visit our Careers page. All civilian job opportunities available with the Federal government, including USACE, are posted on USAJobs at USAJobs is the Federal Government's Official Job Site. One must apply for Federal jobs using the tools provided online (including a resume/resume builder).
 How do I contract with or do business with the Corps?
For information regarding contracting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, please visit our Business With Us page. Information provided includes Small Business, a link to the System for Award Management (required to do business with USACE), Federal Business Opportunities website, and e-mail information for directing your contracting questions.
 Where and how do I make a Freedom of Information Act or FOIA request?
To submit an FOIA request to the Middle East District, email the district’s FOIA Officer. Additional FOIA information, including mailing addresses email addresses, phone numbers and fax number for all USACE FOIA offices, is available on the USACE Freedom of Information Page.
 Where do I find information about Camping/Recreation Facilities Locations, Fees, Amenities, and Maps?
Visit, our Corps Lakes Gateway website which provides recreation information including activities, discounts, volunteering, directions, fees, amenities, discount pass information, and campground hosting.
 How do I join the Army?
To find information about joining the Army, please visit the U.S. Army website at or contact your local Army Recruiter.
 How do I get a CAC or military ID?
Contact the 167th Airlift Wing:
(304) 616-5295
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