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 Contracting Mission

The Middle East District’s Contracting Division is dedicated to providing world-class contracting services that meet customer requirements and deliver project awards within authority and budget and on schedule. The District awards contracts to support U.S. military operations, U.S. government agencies, and foreign defense organizations in the U.S. Central Command area of operations in accordance with U.S. national interests. In addition, the District awards contracts to support operations in Afghanistan, supplementing the USACE efforts there.

 Assistance for contractors in doing business with the Government
 Acquisition Strategy

The Middle East District uses full and open competition to the maximum extent practicable. Therefore, the vast majority of our acquisitions are solicited using full and open competitive procedures. We post our acquisition requirements on the Federal Business Opportunities website (FedBizOpps).

Middle East District solicitations are then issued either through a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) site or via CD. The method used and point of contact will be listed in the FedBizOpps synopsis.

The large majority of our acquisitions are awarded via the negotiated contracting method, which includes the receipt of proposals from offerors, permits bargaining, and usually affords offerors an opportunity to revise their offers before award of a contract. A small number of acquisitions may be awarded using sealed bidding, which uses competitive bids, public opening of bids, and timely contract award to the contractor with the lowest priced, responsive bid.

The majority of contract awards are issued as fixed price; however, we also award cost-reimbursement contracts.

  • For a fixed-price contract, the contractor has full responsibility for the performance costs and resulting profit (or loss). Fixed-price contracts are used when the risk involved is minimal or can be predicted with an acceptable degree of certainty.
  • For a cost-reimbursement contract, the contractor has minimal responsibility for the performance costs and is reimbursed for costs that are allowable and allocable, plus the negotiated fixed fee (profit). Cost-type contracts are used when uncertainties involved in contract performance do not permit costs to be estimated with sufficient accuracy to use any type of fixed-price contract.

Our primary source selection evaluation technique is Best Value, using the Tradeoff source selection process or the Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selection process.

  • Tradeoff process is used when it is in the best interest of the government to consider award to other than the lowest priced offeror or to other than the highest technically rated offeror.

LPTA process is used when the best value is expected to result from the selection of the technically acceptable proposal with the lowest evaluated price.

 Contracting Opportunities with the Middle East District

The Federal Business Opportunities website is the single government point of entry for federal procurement opportunities valued at more than $25,000. The Army Single Face to Industry lists information on solicitations from the Department of Army.

To contract with the Middle East District, you must register in the System for Award Management database.

Almost any contract outside the United States requires Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance.

Companies interested in doing business with USACE will require a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number to be involved with federal contracting activities. Call (866) 705-5711 (7am-8pm CST) or visit:

To perform work in many countries in the USCENTCOM area of operations, you may need to be registered in the Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT), a system required to manage, track and maintain visibility of contractors located in contingency operations areas.

Foreign firms interested in government contracts overseas are required to obtain a NATO Cage Code. Directions and online forms are available through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) at the following link: International Cataloging How Do I Get an NSN? (


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