Divisions and Offices

Construction-Operations Division

Provides construction management services for a variety of U.S. and friendly foreign government customers within the large 20-country area of operations assigned to the U.S. Central Command. Services include contract administration, quality assurance construction, and safety oversight and enforcement.

Contracting Division

Provides professional acquisition services in support of customers’ requirements; provide planning, pre-award and contract award and award contracts to meet customer requirements; and, provide customers with effective contract administration when requested – all within authority, budget and on schedule.

Engineering Division

Provides engineering and design assistance for repair or reconstruction to or project beginning to completion by managing architect-engineer contracts, obtaining services from other USACE districts, and reviewing contracted designs projects. The Engineering staff includes civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers and fire protection engineers.

Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Administers a comprehensive Equal Employment Opportunity program for the Transatlantic Division. Provides services for all personnel, prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or reprisal. Directs the District’s diversity program, provides EEO discrimination counseling services, and administers the Alternative Dispute Resolution programs and Special Emphasis Programs.

Information Management

Manages and supports the District’s information technology, voice and data communications, printing and publications, records management, and visual information requirements. Establishes and approves information technology focused goals, objectives, and policies and integrates all District-wide capabilities. Provides IT infrastructure, maintenance, services and support; manages information assurance program; provides visual information, video, photographic and graphics services; and, executes District-wide records management program.

Internal Review

Assist with improving program and operations by reviewing and advising on all audit, business process and management control related matters. Interacts on all external audit matters and oversees any command-related activities conducted by outside agencies. 

Logistics Management

Provides logistical support, supply, property accountability and transportation solutions for the District and its field offices in the Middle East.

Office of Counsel

Provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of District activities, using preventive law principles and team-centered services including advice and assistance; support for District activities, programs, operations, contracting actions, personnel and administrative matters.

Plans and Operations

Provides responsive and flexible planning and execution, command and control and reachback services to USACE and its customers in support of military contingencies and civil emergencies.

Programs and Project Management Division

Provides project management service for both U.S. and host nation projects, overseeing projects throughout their lifecycle and serving as the customer’s primary interface with District professionals, representing their interests and acting as their advocate.

Public Affairs

Informs various audiences about Middle East District capabilities, opportunities and accomplishments in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of the District’s mission. Plans and implements communications programs and strategies; coordinates community outreach events; directs and manages media relations program, external website and internal employee communications initiatives.

Resource Management

Provides comprehensive financial management support to ensure efficient use of resources in accordance with legal, ethical and best business practice procedures. Formulates annual budgets and manages execution; provides manpower and force management services and analyses; provides reachback services to USACE organizations in Afghanistan.

Security and Law Enforcement

Supports the District with sound law enforcement, anti-terrorism, force protection and intelligence functions for life safety and protection of personnel, families, facilities, projects and other critical assets for the headquarters and its field offices. 

Safety and Occupational Health

Oversees a safe and healthy work environment through the District by recognizing, identifying and controlling hazards, promoting safety awareness and accident prevention plans, and risk management assessments for the workplace and construction projects.