Employee Spotlight Featuring Stephanie Langhorne

Transatlantic Middle East District
Published Jan. 17, 2024
Updated: Jan. 17, 2024
A group of people pose for a photo wearing their spirit week clothing.

Stephanie Langhorne participated with colleagues in Spirit Week's Move it Monday at the Transatlantic Middle East District Headquarters building in Winchester, Va.

A married couple poses with their toddler.

Stephanie Langhorne poses with her husband and child.

Stephanie Langhorne always knew she wanted to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Her grandfather worked for USACE and her mother, Jane Smith, worked for the Middle East District (TAM) and the Transatlantic Division (TAD) in the Resource Management section. Growing up she saw the benefits her mom had working at TAM.  She loved that her mom had the flexibility to go to her sporting events and be home to take care of her when she was sick. “This is the kind of life I want for my family,” Langhorne said. 

When Langhorne was 7-8 years old, her mom worked for USACE Europe District.  They lived on Hohenfels Base in Germany.  Langhorne remembers, “We walked everywhere. I have such happy memories of going to the different shops and the shopkeepers always had treats for the children.” She also has fond memories of traveling to to London, Paris, and Neuschwanstein Castle during that time. 

Langhorne spent most of her childhood growing up in West Virginia. She said, “I’m glad I had a chance to explore some of the world when I was young.”  She graduated from Potomac State College with an associate degree in business administration. Next, she received her bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University in business with an emphasis in human resources. 

After graduation she worked for the USDA as a single-family housing specialist for the rural development home loans section. There was not a lot of opportunity to move up in that organization. She started as a GS 3 and couldn’t move past a GS 7.

Her dream of working for USACE came true in 2019 when she accepted a position with TAM as a GS 5/6 Procurement Technician. Once she became a GS 6, she accepted a GS 7/9/11 Contract Specialist position with the Army Fellows Program. According to the U.S. Army Center of Military History, “The Army Fellows program is designed to attract, recruit, and hire top civilian talent. The 2-year fellowship is developmental in nature and blends progressive and sequential work assignments, formal training, and self-development as individuals' progress from entry-level positions to more advanced key positions within the workforce. During her first year she became certified in contracting.  This past July, she became a permanent GS 11/12 Contract Specialist. 

One of the many things Langhorne enjoys about working for TAM is the growth opportunities, she said, “If you work hard and they like you, they are going to help your career advancement.” Her acting supervisor, Peter Smith, values Langhorne's work, "Stephanie has a unique charisma and energetic spirit that inspires a positive team atmosphere daily, which makes working with her a pleasure. She takes pride far beyond just her position duties and always seeks different opportunities to give back to the organization in multiple ways."

She also appreciates her team, “Everyone I work with, I get along with. I can trust my colleagues to let me have what I need to be successful in my position. We are more than just colleagues, we are friends.”   She is also excited about the opportunity to travel to the Middle East, “I have not been there yet, but I look forward to seeing how my work positively impacts our partners.”

“I really enjoyed assisting with the TAM career fair table at Virginia Military Institute. I wanted to be a voice for USACE and talk to and inspire the students about their futures.” Langhorne also acknowledges how important it is to let future federal service employees know about the many great benefits that are part of the salary package. “I’m getting ready to have my second child, and I am so grateful to have 3 months of maternity leave.”

As Langhorne looks towards the future, she says, “It’s hard to say where my career or my husband’s career may lead us. My husband works at the Air National Guard in Bunker Hill. Maybe one day we will have the opportunity to live abroad and give our kids a similar experience I had. For now, I am very content at TAM.” 

Langhorne is proud to be a third generation Corps employee, “Maybe one of my children will follow in my footsteps and work for the Corps too.”