Reach-back Services



In Afghanistan, USACE is focused on construction projects that help establish the conditions for stability and security.

The Middle East District supports USACE missions in Afghanistan by:

• Having awarded military construction contracts that provided operational and living facilities for U.S. forces.

• Awarding nationwide service contracts that support the construction mission in Afghanistan. These contracts include security and transportation services; personal services that provide the expertise of Afghan citizens to assist USACE; and operations and maintenance services at Afghan National Security Forces facilities, as well as training Afghans to assume the facility maintenance mission.

• Awarding specific contracts, at District request, that support District programs and projects, such as the South East Power System distribution lines and substations and Dahla Dam improvements.

• Training and equipping USACE employees for deployment to Afghanistan, a service provided by the USACE Deployment Center since it opened its doors in May 2005.

• And providing business services to support the Afghanistan districts, to include legal, finance, information technology, logistics and EEO.