Author: Kristin Hoelen
  • March

    Local Girl Scout donates cookies to Deployee Support Group

    Local Girl Scout Abby Neaverth and her mother and troop leader, Sorina, recently donated four cases
  • January

    Aspiring Leaders Kick Off New Season of Learning

    “Great leaders aren’t born that way – they are groomed,” said Robert Thomas, structural engineer and Leadership Development Program facilitator. “Leadership is something you have to work at. That is why we are here: to train great leaders.”
  • December

    Middle East District uses sealed bidding to help expedite contract awards for USACE missions in Afghanistan

    On Nov. 19, the Middle East District employed a process it rarely uses to accelerate a contract award by holding a sealed bid opening for a construction project in Afghanistan.
  • November

    District employees celebrate St. Baldrick's Day with the flair of no hair

    Strength, character, and courage. "Living these values has always been the message to the Corps family," said the Middle East District's Erick Stillman. "I want to be able to proudly say to children living with cancer and to their parents watching them endure: 'I am here to help and lighten the load.'"
  • Jerry Henry: The Man Who Stares at Goats

    As a Supervisory Information Technology Specialist, Jerry Henry spends his workday surrounded by computers and other electronics. At the end of the day, however, he returns to his farm where he is surrounded by plants and animals.
  • August

    Middle East District is proud of a successful workforce recruitment summer hire

    The Middle East District’s first experience hiring a recent graduate with a disability proves that talent comes in many forms.
  • On top of the world: Middle East District employee climbs Kilimanjaro

    Jay Wallace, an assistant district counsel, reached that destination earlier this year, climbing 19,341 feet above sea level and fulfilling his dream of summiting the highest mountain in Africa.
  • June

    Bill Ryals, Beekeeper extraordinaire

    Ryals, chief of Programs and Project Management Division's Support for Others Branch, has worked for USACE for 34 years and came to the Middle East District nine years ago. During his time with the district, Ryals discovered a class taught by the Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah Valley at Blandy Experimental Farm, State Arboretum of Virginia. However, with his constant travel to Iraq, he was unable to attend but never gave up his interest. Three years ago, he was able to attend the six-week course and learned the basics of apiculture, or beekeeping.
  • April

    Deputy Commander and Brewmaster General

    When Lt. Col. Rusty Sears came to the Middle East District as deputy commander in August 2010, he brought with him four years of experience in engineer positions and as chief of Construction for U.S. Army Central, with tours in Kuwait and Iraq and frequent trips to Afghanistan. He is a walking encyclopedia on the district's military projects throughout the U.S. Central Command area of operations, often providing project background or context that few others in the district have. He is passionate about each member of the district team contributing directly to our mission to support our nation.
  • March

    District Breaks Glass Ceiling During Observance of National Women’s History Month

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Middle East District celebrated Women's History Month on Mar. 15 during a luncheon featuring a special guest speaker from the local academic community.
  • Personnel Spotlight Joey Behr: Engineer and Inventor

    Since the age of 14, Joey Behr has had an interest in hunting. Now, at 24, he holds a patent for a product that enhances a bow hunter's odds of hitting his target and has another patent pending.
  • December

    Middle East District Deputy Commander Participates in 20th Wreaths Across America

    Lt. Col. Russell Sears, Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Middle East District, participated in the 20th annual Wreaths Across America event Dec. 10.
  • May

    MED’s Hangar Fire Protection TCX is in demand

    MED is home to the Technical Center of Expertise (TCX) for Hangar Fire Protection that provides FPE assistance throughout the country and the world through design and construction of fire protection systems, and participation in acceptance tests for aircraft hangars. The TCX provides services to the Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force, Army, Air Reserve, and the Department of Homeland Security.