The Middle East District’s design staff provides engineering and design assistance on a wide range of projects. For certain projects, we provide complete design services using our in-house staff. For other projects, we manage architect-engineer contracts or obtain services from other USACE offices. We also review contracted designs to ensure that they fully meet the customer’s requirements and are ready for the construction contract phase.

The Middle East District has registered professionals in the following disciplines: civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, geotechnical engineering, and fire protection.
Our design staff is available to assist customers in developing new projects from beginning to completion, or to assist with repair or alteration projects.


Our civil engineers design your roads, airfields, tunnels, dams, water supply, sewage systems, and other infrastructure. They develop projects by designing site layout plans, grading and drainage plans, pavements, water supply, and sewer service.


Our architects work with you to develop functional needs and to produce floor plans, elevations, and project specifications that incorporate customer requirements and the applicable building codes.


Our structural engineers design structural features, such as building columns, beam slabs and foundations, bridges, and crane-supporting columns and beams.


Our mechanical engineers develop heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, compressed air, medical gases, and fuel oil systems, assuring that the designs comply with applicable building codes, criteria, customer needs, and site-specific requirements. They visit overseas construction sites to investigate and resolve mechanical problems that arise during construction and participate in programming and design visits to develop scopes of work for upcoming projects.


Our electrical engineers develop safe and economical designs for your interior and exterior power distribution systems, street lighting, airfield lighting systems, power plants, telephone and closed circuit television systems, fire alarm and detection systems, and lightning protection systems. We ensure that designs comply with the National Electrical Code, as well as British, European, and local electrical codes. Our electrical engineers visit overseas construction sites to investigate and resolve problems; perform site surveys to gather field data, including availability of power to support ongoing and future project designs; and participate in programming and design visits to develop scopes of work for upcoming projects.


Our geotechnical engineers apply their knowledge of geology and materials testing to safely and economically design foundations, retaining walls, and similar structures.

Fire Protection

Our fire protection engineers assure that projects have the necessary features to minimize danger from fire, smoke, or panic. They assure compliance with several building codes, all containing criteria devoted to saving lives and preserving property. By integrating these building features, we tailor a cost effective balance to customer needs in order to achieve life and property safety. Every facility design must consider the minimum criteria for building size, distances, means of egress, number of exits, occupancy classification, hazards, fire barriers, types of doors, fire alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting, and ventilation.