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USACE Deployment Information

All USACE deployees report to the CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) at Fort Bliss, Texas, for pre-deployment processing.

The Middle East District's Administrative Personnel Processing Office (APPO) works with you before you travel to the CRC. If you previously deployed through the USACE Deployment Center in Winchester, Virginia, you'll be familiar with the APPO processes, which haven't changed.. The APPO will continue to assist you and ensure you are cleared to report to the CRC before orders are cut. This should allow for a less stressful experience at the CRC .  

Please select the deployment category on the right that applies to you and carefully review the information. This link provides a summary of the instructions for a wide range of requirements, including security clearances, passports, medical information, and completion of administrative forms that are a prerequisite for deployment. While this link provides a synopsis of the requirements, check out all other links to discover additional necessary information about your deployment. A list of contacts is provided here with telephone numbers for many of the offices and people who will help you.

If any of your deployment-related questions are not answered by the information provided in this website, please contact your APPO representative. The APPO will process your deployment paperwork and is available to provide additional information and guidance.