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Returning from Deployment

When will I go through the redeployment process?

Redeployment processing will be conducted at the UDC in Winchester, Va., Tuesday through Friday each week. IF MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY,THE UDC WILL NOT OUT-PROCESS ON TUESDAY. Out-processing will start at 7:30 a.m. in the UDC. Late arrivals will be processed the following day. The UDC is closed on federal holidays. Travel to home station should not be scheduled until after 1600hrs the day of redeployment processing.

We are now using an on-line system for redeployment registration. We are limited on the number of people we can out-process in one day. Once a day has filled up, you will no longer be able to register for that day. After registering, please retain your PIN in case you need to change your redeployment date or update your information.

USACE Deployees in Iraq and Afghanistan will need to go to their down-range District SharePoint Home Page and follow the link to register for redeployment.

USACE personnel are required to take UDC provided bus transportation upon redeployment. Ensure you review the UDC bus schedule for re-deploying personnel, prior departing theater. AMC and other agencies that processed through the UDC may take this transportation as well, but must be registered for redeployment through the UDC’s on-line redeployment registration system. Bus Schedule

AMC, contractors, and other DoD Agencies that processed through the UDC must send an e-mail to obtain the link and password to register for a redeployment date.

IMPORTANT: You MUST complete the Post Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796) electronically and print a hard copy for the UDC before leaving your deployment location and redeploying through the UDC (Instructions). Also it is VERY important you know your AKO user name and password when you arrive for redeployment, not knowing will delay your redeployment at the UDC. You can reset your password on-line through AKO or call the AKO Help Desk at 703-704-4357.

What Happens During Your Redeployment Processing?

The UDC Redeployment NCO will lead you through the redeployment process. During your redeployment process, you will out-process though the UDC, APPO, Information Management, Security, Human Resources, Safety, Payroll and Emergency Operations Center.

During the UDC portion of out-processing, you will receive a medical screening which will include a blood draw. (Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and coffee prior to your redeployment at the UDC because both can dehydrate you and delay or prevent us from drawing your blood.) You will also be briefed on the DoD Post-Deployment Heath Reassessment Program using the DD Form 2900. You will turn in your uniforms and TA-50 gear which must be cleared and reconciled; you will be issued a new Civilian Access Card (CAC) if appropriate. APPO will give you any final travel voucher procedures and review your final time sheet. Information Management will brief procedures for your e-mail account and CEFMS signature card. Security will require that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Safety will cover procedures for filing Workers’ Compensation claims for injuries you may have sustained while you were deployed. Human Resources will assist you in completing the SF 1190 and Foreign Location Record. Payroll will go over any pay issues you may have and transfer your Government Travel Card back to your home district. The Emergency Operations Center will update your status in ENGLINK.

Transportation Back Home

Travel arrangements are usually made prior to your departure from overseas, but can be confirmed, if needed, by the local Carlson Wagonlit travel agent at MED. Carlson Wagonlit prefers that requests for reservations be made 30-90 days out from your redeployment date. If you are redeploying during high traffic volume periods (i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year holidays), it would be best to make your reservations even earlier than that, if possible.

Contact Information

You may contact the UDC for information on redeployment by calling or emailing:

Redeployment NCO

COMM: 540-665-3721

DSN: 313-265-3721