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Baggage Requirements

You will be departing on commercial carriers and the international baggage regulations apply to all carry-on and checked baggage.

TAN/TAS Deployees:

Personnel deploying to the Afghanistan Engineer Districts fly commercially into Kandahar Air Base or Bagram Air Base. Travelers are limited to 59 pounds of baggage on these flights which includes any carry-on baggage. This weight restriction is non-negotiable. The airlines will at times not allow any excess baggage due to overall aircraft weight restrictions and the number of personnel flying.

The UDC will issue approximately 45 pounds of gear to each individual going to Afghanistan. Personnel will be afforded the opportunity to mail items (First Class Mail) to Afghanistan to keep you under the 59 pound limit. This will be at no cost to you while you are at the UDC, but please do not abuse this system. Prior to departing your home station, limit your personal items and civilian clothes to only what you require for your five days at the UDC. See suggested packing list.

Non TAN/TAS Missions:

USACE and Non-USACE personnel deploying to Afghanistan, but in support of another agency i.e. ARCENT, USFOR-A, CENTAF, etc., do not use these commercial flights and will have to make other arrangements to fly into Afghanistan.

Iraq Deployees:

Personnel deploying to Iraq are authorized a total of three checked items – any combination of duffle bags and suitcases. You are also authorized one carry-on bag in addition to a laptop or an average size purse or pocketbook. No one piece of luggage can weigh more than 50 pounds. Footlockers MAY NOT be used in lieu of duffle bags. Other items beyond the designated size and quantity (boxes, etc.) may not deploy with the individual and will be sent back to home station at the traveler’s expense.

Carry-on bags must fit into a space which is approximately 22"L x 14"H x 9"W. Bags larger than that might not be accepted as carry-on bags.

Since civilians deploying to Iraq are no longer issued uniforms, you will only be issued the equivalent a half of a duffle bag of gear (20 -25 pounds). Ensure you have adequate amounts of civilian clothes to include cold weather clothing if you will be deployed during the winter months.