Pre-Deployment Preparation-Travel-Restrictions at CRC

Pre-deployment preparation, 30-60 days prior to CRC report date.

APPO will continue to assist with all pre-deployment tasks.

1.       Upon deployee successful completing all pre-deployment requirements and gaining medical clearance APPO will issue travel orders from deployees home station to CRC, Ft. Bliss TX. The orders will show movement from CRC to Bagram and onto final duty location. These orders will also show return to CRC and, upon successful out-processing, return to home station. Rental car and off post lodging during CRC processing are not authorized.

2.       APPO, in coordination with USACE CRC LNO’s will, in weekly increments, reschedule/adjust CRC reporting date for deployees unable to complete pre-deployment requirements or experiencing delays in accordance with schedule.

3.       APPO will provide completed pre-deployment packets to USACE CRC LNO’s before deployees arrival at CRC.

a.       LNO’s will ensure deployee/CRC has complete packet prior to SRP on day 01.

b.      LNO’s will ensure CRC is tracking USACE personnel arriving for upcoming CRC cycle.

Travel to/from CRC.

1.       APPO will coordinate deployees commercial travel from home station to CRC, Ft. Bliss TX, and upon re-deployment, travel from CRC Ft. Bliss TX, to home station.

2.       CRC will coordinate command sponsored travel/flights from Ft. Bliss TX to Bagram, Afghanistan.

3.       All USACE personnel will process through the ALOC at Bagram, receive final equipment issue, prior to final movement to duty location.

4.       All redeploying personnel will return to CRC on command sponsored flight arriving at CRC on Sunday. Coordinate through TAD-A, TAA J1 for travel arrangements.


1.       Wheeled luggage and foot lockers are not suitable, are not permitted on command sponsored flights. Do not bring to CRC.

2.       Personnel will be issued approximately 2 duffle bags of gear at CRC. Plan accordingly when packing. 3 duffle bags are allowed on command sponsored flights.

3.       CRC will not ship equipment or personal items. All luggage, issued equipment will be carried by deploying personnel.

4.       Shipping of equipment/gear back to CRC prior to/upon out-processing is not authorized. All issued equipment must be in the deployees possession, cleaned, and must be turned back in during out-processing.

5.       Rental cars and off post lodging are not authorized for personnel processing through CRC.