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Center of Standardization for Contingency Standard Designs

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 Our Mission

The primary focus of the Center of Standardization is to provide standard designs that will meet current and future contingency operational needs. 152-person barracksThe ultimate goal is to provide standard facility designs that will be constructed using local materials and building methods to reduce the overall construction costs and significantly reduce construction completion timeframes.

The Contingency Standard Designs program provides a pre-engineered solution for most facility requirements. All pre-engineered designs meet or exceed force protection and environmental strength requirements. Each design is provided with a complete cost estimate and DD Form 1391, thus speeding the cost validation effort required for military facility procurement.

Individual facility designs may be acquired for use by payment of a fee based on the facilities' assessed value in the DD Form 1391. Site designs for placement of individual facilities or compound development may be acquired on a cost-reimbursable basis.

 Services we offer
• A library of facility designs to match most compound requirements.
• Functional space analysis for your application; this match-making service applies Center of Standardization designs to your facility needs.
• Assistance in interfacing with the Army Facilities Component System (AFCS) to build compounds and develop DD Form 1391 documents.
• Army certified designs for any location in the U.S. Central Command's area of operations and beyond.
• Certification of your facilities to USCENTCOM force protection standards for blast and fragments.
• Facility designs, all of which are available in wood, concrete or metal frame components.
• Optional designs, available in local materials to include earth brick construction.
• Full construction estimates and itemized material listings for each facility and compound design.
• Award and construction phase contracting execution support within the Middle East District's operational area.
 To Obtain Assistance

The Technical Center of Expertise for contingency standard designs will provide, on a cost-reimbursable basis, technical guidance and assistance to those tasked to select your facility or design your compound. The office requesting services will provide funding to cover TCX costs associated with each project. Costs are directly related to the size and complexity of the project and the quality of the design submittal. Arrangements should be made by emailing

USACE has nine centers of standardization for military construction standard designs. The Middle East District’s Center of Standardization – established in January 2012 – provides standard designs that support military contingency operations only. Eight USACE centers of standardization provide designs for permanent military facilities.

 To submit a package    

U.S. Postal Service
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Middle East District
P.O. Box 2250
Winchester, Virginia 22604-1450

Federal Express or UPS
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Middle East District
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Contingency Standard Designs