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The Middle East District ensures that contractors meet all technical, quality, and safety specifications on contracts. Our staff manages construction contracts, job order contracts, facility support services, life support, and operations and maintenance contracts. In addition, we provide construction surveillance on contracts awarded by host nations using agreed-upon standards.
We offer the following services:

• We review and approve contractor plans, including quality control, safety, and performance schedules.
• We review and approve shop drawings, and review submittals for design-build contracts.
• We investigate technical problems to determine resolution.
• We function as the project’s administrative contracting officer and provide onsite contract administration.
• We review, analyze, and recommend action on contractor requests for equitable adjustment.
• We perform quality assurance inspections.
• We enforce EM 385-1-1, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Safety and Health Requirements Manual.
• We develop scopes of work and cost estimates for task orders on indefinite delivery contracts.
• We manage and maintain funds control.
• We initiate, estimate, negotiate, and draft contract modifications.
• We prepare and review contractor pay estimates for completed work.
• We schedule inspections, prepare construction progress reports, prepare completion reports, and transfer the completed project to the end user.
• We review and evaluate test procedures for specialized systems and observe contractor testing.
• We implement warranty requirements.

Construction management services are available for the duration of the project, plus one additional year for warranty enforcement.

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