Joint Civilian Service Commendation awarded in Iraq to Middle East District Program Manager

Published May 2, 2012
Program Manager Douglas Harold Plachy receives
the Joint Civilian Commendation Medal from Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr. during a ceremony in Baghdad, April 24. (Courtesy photo)

Program Manager Douglas Harold Plachy receives the Joint Civilian Commendation Medal from Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr. during a ceremony in Baghdad, April 24. (Courtesy photo)

WINCHESTER, Va. – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers team member Douglas Harold Plachy was recently presented the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Medal from Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr., chief, Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq during a ceremony in Baghdad, April 24.

Plachy has served as the Middle East District's Project Manager-Forward for the Foreign Military Sales program in Iraq since Nov. 1, 2010, during Operation New Dawn and the subsequent U.S. Department of State security cooperation mission, and is scheduled to remain through 2012.

He ensured coordinated planning, design and execution of more than $700 million of vital FMS infrastructure cases that directly resulted in enhanced Iraqi maritime, ground, and air defensive capabilities.

The FMS program is the U.S. government's program for transferring defense articles, services and training to other sovereign nations and international organizations. Its goal is to further national security and foreign policy objectives by strengthening bilateral defense relations with allied nations.

Plachy often discovered and resolved pivotal design and construction issues, avoiding significant cost and schedule impacts and assuring customer requirements were met. His support to the security assistance mission proved crucial to the early completion of 244 kilometers of security road bordering Syria, augmenting Iraq's ability to maintain a strong security presence in that volatile region.

According to his award, Plachy's careful coordination across diverse agencies and two nations successfully advanced the United States' security assistance mission through award of six critical construction contracts totaling more than $52 million dollars. Also a $300 million infrastructure undertaking was initiated in support of Iraq's F-16 purchase, making it the largest FMS case in Iraq's history. Plachy's focus and efforts have provided a foundation for long term success of Iraq's national security and partnership with the United States.

The citation reads, "His personal efforts and dedication to duty will ensure the success of multiple strategic initiatives within the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility and further enhance the crucial partnership between the United States and the Government of Iraq for the ensuing decade."

The Middle East District officially assumed responsibility for all USACE projects in Iraq during a transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Wolfe on Victory Base Complex near Baghdad, June 2, 2011.

The Middle East District provides engineering, construction and related services in the Middle East, Central Asia and other areas. Its work includes designing and constructing facilities for use by U.S. forces, performing engineering activities for other U.S. government and foreign agencies, and providing operations and maintenance services for various customers. In addition, the District provides project management, engineering, contracting and support services to USACE districts in Afghanistan.

Julie Shoemaker

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