Bid awareness seminars, design review set for counternarcotics projects in Central Asian states

Published May 17, 2012

WINCHESTER, Va. – Bid awareness seminars and a 95 percent design review will be held for seven counternarcotics projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are in Central Asia attending bid awareness seminars, scheduled for May 17-18 in Manas, Kyrgyzstan, and May 23-24 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Members of U.S. Central Command's Joint Theater Support Contracting Command also plan to attend.

Concurrently, the Middle East District will conduct a 95 percent design review with architect-engineer firm, The Louis Berger Group, Inc. U.S. Embassy personnel based in both Central Asian countries are expected to participate.

The purpose of the seminars is to draw potential offerors for facility construction for the counternarcotics programs in the Central Asian States. More than 65 members of contractor and supplier organizations have pre-registered, and additional Kyrgyz government and licensing representatives are expected to attend; more than 45 contractor representatives are registered for the seminar in Kazakhstan.

"The Kyrgyz government support is essential to any successful Corps of Engineers contracting in the region," said Mike Weaver, Middle East District Small Business Program deputy. "We expect the same support for the seminar planned for Kazakhstan next week. Their government representatives have been very receptive and helpful."

Under the USACE International and Interagency Program, the Middle East District supports USCENTCOM's counternarcotics program in the Central Asian States. These seminars are focused on those projects planned for award in the late August time frame. USACE officials will discuss requirements and contracting processes with the construction contractors.

Qualified licensed architect-engineer firms, construction companies, and subcontractors for supplies and services are invited to participate in the seminar for the design/build of multi-purpose facilities with supporting infrastructure at five sites in Kazakhstan. For more information, see the State Department's website at Two contracts are planned for award in Kyrgyzstan.

For more information about contracting opportunities and contracting support, see the Middle East District's website at and the Joint Theater Support Contracting Command's website at

The Middle East District is responsible for providing engineering, construction and related services in the Middle East, Central Asia and other areas as required. Its work includes designing and constructing facilities for use by U.S. forces, performing engineering activities for other U.S. government and foreign agencies, and providing operations and maintenance services for various customers. In addition, the District provides project management, engineering, contracting and support services to USACE districts in Afghanistan.

Julie Shoemaker

Release no. 13-017