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Army Materiel Command

Welcome to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Deployment Center!

Your command has directed you to this web site to get you started on the paperwork necessary for deployment. You will be working with the AMC Liaison at the UDC for submission of your pre-deployment package. All pre-deployment paperwork will be submitted through the AMC Liaison and must be received three weeks prior to reporting to the USACE Deployment Center (UDC). Failure to provide this info in the requested timeline might result in delays to the original deployment date.

There are a number of pre-deployment requirements that need to be accomplished prior to reporting to the UDC. All paperwork needs to be submitted to the following e-mail address: or FAX to 540-665-3463. In the subject line of the e-mail or FAX sheet, please put your name, the agency you are working for and your UDC date. Example: SUBJECT: John Doe, AMC Deployee, UDC Date 5 Dec 07. Your information will be collected by the AMC Liaison and they will let you know of any missing information. They will be in contact with you during the entire pre-deployment process. It is best if you send in your paperwork all at one time, rather than “piece-mailing” it in. Please ensure you give contact phone numbers in your correspondence.

CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) Requirements

All personnel are required to complete the CRC Prerequisites Requirements before coming to the UDC. To access this training, click here, then click on "Access the My Training Tab (MT2)." Log in with your AKO username and password or CAC. Then, click on "Deployment Training" in the What's Hot section. At the top of the next screen, click on CONUS Replacement Center (CRC) Prerequisites Requirements and this will take you to most of the training modules. If the above link is not working, try this alternate link. Training modules identified on the Training Checklist not listed in the CRC Prerequisites Requirements are listed below.

• While at the UDC there will be continuation training in Anti Terrorism/Force Protection and hands-on training for Hot and Cold Weather Injuries.

Download the UDC training checklist and have your EOC verify that the training has been completed and send the completed checklist to your APPO Representative. In addition to the CRC Prerequisites Requirements, the following training modules need to be completed and are included on the checklist as well:

Personal Recovery PRO-file

All personnel are required to complete a Personal Recovery PRO-file. If you have completed the Personnel Recovery Pro-File previously, it does not have to be accomplished again. If you are unsure whether you completed this or not, let your AMC Representative know and they can verify.

Please read the step-by-step instructions prior to completing.

To complete this, log on to the DA Personal Recovery website (AKO password or CAC is required for log-in).
• Click on link: "For information regarding pre-deployment training, please see FORSCOM Personnel Recovery Website"
• Click on "Pre-OCONUS Travel File (Pro-File)" on the upper left side of the page
• Click on "To Access Pro-File, Click Here"
• Click on "Proceed to Survey"

Instructions for inserting pictures for the Pro-File:
1. After the picture is taken, save it to a file on your computer so you can access it.
2. After it is saved, right click on the picture and open with Microsoft Picture Manager.
3. From the tool bar go to picture and select resize.
4. Click on resize setting.
5. Click on predefined height and width.
6. click on e-mail large.
7. click on OK.
8. Save the new picture in a place where you can access it.
9. When you get the point in Pro-file where you need to insert your picture, click on browse and access your new picture and insert it.

Pro-file MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE COMING TO THE UDC! After you complete this form, print out the certificate and send it to your AMC Representative.

Army Accident Avoidance Course

All personnel must complete the Army’s on-line Accident Avoidance Course. Forward a copy of the completed training certificate to your APPO representative. To take the exam and receive your certificate, click here.

Introduction to Biometrics and Biometric Systems

All personnel must review Introduction to Biometrics and Biometrics Systems. Sign and date the last page of the briefing and forward a copy of the completed training certificate to pre-deployment liaison.

Counterinsurgency (COIN) Training

All personnel deploying to Afghanistan are required to complete COIN Training, JKO log-in is required.

Information Assurance Awareness Training

All AMC personnel are required to provide evidence that they have successfully completed Information Assurance Awareness (IAA) training annually. Please go to Fort Gordon’s website and complete the training before reporting to the UDC.

Eagle Cash Card

The Eagle Cash Card is now mandatory for civilians while they are deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. The card will replace using cash while you are deployed. Read more. Please complete DD Form 2887 and you will be briefed at the UDC on the use of the card.

Important Advance Information

There are some things that we will need in advance from you prior to reporting to the UDC. This information needs to be sent to the AMC Liaison either by FAX (540-665-3463) or e-mail to UDC-AMC@USACE.ARMY.MIL. This information includes:

______ Provide a copy of your official or tourist passport.

______ Provide a copy of your itinerary to include hotel information (the UDC cannot make these reservations for you). After confirming your arrival time at Dulles Airport, coordinate your ground transportation from the airport to your hotel in Winchester by calling one of the following numbers:

• AES Limo: 800-832-6561
• Executive Limo: 800-622-6990
• Winchester Limo: 877-323-1008

This information is provided for your convenience only. Please verify the method of payment, i.e., cash, credit card or check with the company you arrange your transportation. If your flight arrangements change or delays occur, please notify the limo service. Taxi service to Winchester is available at the Dulles International Airport.

_______ [Afghanistan and Kuwait Deployees Only] Complete the UDC Clothing Issuance Form. The clothing cross-reference sheet will help you determine what sizes to request. Example * Please ensure you are measured properly using the clothing cross-reference sheet. Uniforms are sewn in advance and it creates extra work when the sizes are incorrect. ** The UDC does not have large/regular blouse sizes in its inventory. We will issue large/long or large/short blouses depending on the height given on the clothing form.

_______ [Iraq Deployees] Complete the Iraq ID Tag Form.

______ Ensure your AKO Account is active and you know your AKO User ID and Password

______ Complete the DD93 Record of Emergency Data. The DD93 lists your next of kin to be notified if you become a casualty. Include a strip map to the address of the next of kin. Provide a copy of the DD93 to the AMC Liaison and to your home station EOC. Hand-carry a copy to UDC and overseas for your downrange supervisor.

______ Life Insurance. This is an additional life insurance policy issued by the Department of Labor. There is no additional cost for this Insurance. This insurance policy is in addition to your existing policy. This policy can be set to different beneficiaries than your "established" beneficiaries. Please complete the forms and turn them into your home station Admin Office for your official file.

Medical Information

Incomplete medical information or having a certain medical condition is the primary reason an individual will not deploy or is delayed. Individuals are not allowed to deploy with certain medical conditions. Information about disqualifying medical conditions can be found on the USACE Deployment Center’s website.

*Note: It is difficult to list all conditions that would disqualify someone from deploying. If you have one of the conditions identified or believe you may have a medical condition that would prevent you from deploying, please highlight this information when it is sent to the APPO. You will be reimbursed for your physical and dental exams only. If the UDC doctor requires additional tests or corrective medical procedures to determine deployability, the cost of these additions will be paid by the deployee.

* You must be medically cleared by the UDC doctor before orders will be issued.

* You must deploy with the following medical information:
1. Annotation of blood type and Rh factor, HIV, and DNA.
2. Current medications and allergies. Include any preventive medications prescribed and dispensed to an individual.
3. Special duty qualifications.
4. Annotation of corrective lens prescription.
5. Summary sheet of current and past medical and surgical problems. (DD Form 2807-1)
6. Copy of DD 2795Form (Pre-Deployment Health Assessment)
7. Documentation of dental status class I or II.
8. Immunization record: Must accurately reflect the current status for all immunizations at the time of departure (i.e. last minute immunizations provided on the deployment line must be annotated in the deployment medical record prior to departure. These must be promptly entered into electronic data system to ensure receiving medics in the AOR have access to accurate data for each inbound member).

Since the medical requirement is also the most costly and time consuming, follow the pre-deployment checklist below to ensure all necessary information is sent to the APPO.

_______ DD Form-2808, Report of Medical Exam, completed and signed by your doctor.

_______ DD Form 2807-1, Report of Medical History, completed and signed by your doctor.

_______ DD Form 2795, (Needs to be filled out electronically). Instructions.

_______ DD Form 2813, Report of Dental Exam, completed and signed by your dentist.

_______ DD FORM 771 EYEWEAR PERSCRIPTION must be completed and returned to the UDC a minimum of THREE WEEKS before you deploy, so that your protective mask and ballistic glass inserts can be ordered. This form MUST ALSO be included in your deployment packet, even if glasses/contacts are not required. In that case, simply write "glasses not required" on the form. The DD771 is the only form accepted by DoD when ordering prescription eyewear. NO OTHER FORM OF PRESCRIPTION CAN BE ACCEPTED. (You can include your civilian prescription with the DD771.) PRESCRIPTION MUST NOT BE OLDER THAN ONE YEAR.

To avoid delays in the ordering process, please ensure all writing is clear and legible.

In order to meet deployment requirements, ALL military and civilian personnel who require corrective eyewear are required to have two sets of prescription glasses prior to deployment.

_______ OSHA Respiratory Medical Evaluation Questionnaire form

_______ Complete Smallpox Vaccination Pre-Screening Form

_______ Copy of the laboratory report with the following tests completed:

• Urinalysis (Routine) Includes testing for color, Sp. Gravity, PH

• Chem 7 (include, as part of the Chem 7, a Hemoglobin A1c if you have diabetes, are glucose intolerant [high blood sugars], or are taking medicine to control blood sugar) * Two consecutive months of under 7.1 are required for deployment for all diabetics.


• LIPID Profile (over 40 years of age)

• G6PD (must have a normal result with taking anti-malaria medication)

• Blood Type/RH

• HIV (within 120 days)

• DNA on File (Not always possible, can be done at the UDC)

_______ Copy of the EKG (if over 40 years of age).

_______ Framingham Coronary Heart Disease Risk Percentage - If over 40 years old, fill out this information to calculate your ten year risk assessment. When completed, print out and send to your APPO Representative.

_______ If on prescription medications, you MUST deploy with at least a 180 day supply.

_______ Copy of Audiogram if not completed on the DD From 2808.

_______ Visual Acuity. Either doctor’s note or annotated on the DD Form 2808 (Block 61) or on the “Eyes” section of the SF 78 (page 2).


_______ *PAP smear (within one year) (Actual lab report).

_______ *Mammogram (within two years if over 40 and within one year if over 50) (Actual Radiologist Report).

_______ Pregnancy Test (Urine), within 30 days of deployment. Women who have had hysterectomies are exempt.

*There could be certain circumstances, such as previous abnormal tests or family history issues where these time limits could vary. If you have any questions call the UDC in advance.


_______ ANTHRAX (mandatory for personnel deploying to the USCENTCOM AOR). For additional information on the anthrax vaccine, see


· Series of 2 injections

· 1st Day 0

· 2nd 0 + 6-12 months

· One series in lifetime, no booster required unless recommended by Health Care Provider.


· Series of 3 injections

· 1st Day 0

· 2nd 0 + 30 days

· 3rd 0 + 6-12 months


· Yearly, between the months of September and May

· For months outside September-May, as recommended by Health Care Provider

_______ MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) (As an adult, once in a lifetime). People born before 1957 do not require a MMR vaccine. MMR should be given either simultaneously or 30 days before receiving anticipated smallpox vaccination.

_______ POLIO (oral or IM) (As an adult, once in a lifetime)

_______ SMALLPOX (Administration per the latest DoD Guidance) required every 10 years. Proof of negative HIV status is required in order to receive smallpox vaccine.

_______ TETANUS / DIPHTHERIA (Once every 10 years)

_______ TUBERCULIN SKIN TEST (PPD) within 90 days of deployment (If there is a history of positive reactions a doctor's evaluation of a chest x-ray, not older than one year, must be submitted).

_______ TYPHOID (Every 2 years)