District observes National African American History Month

Middle East District
Published Feb. 24, 2012

WINCHESTER, Va. – The Middle East District welcomed three African American leaders from the greater Washington, D.C., area Feb. 24 to discuss the leadership and perseverance of black women in America as part of National African American Heritage Month.

This year's theme, "Black Women in American Culture and History," presented an opportunity to pay special tribute to the role African American women have played in shaping the character of the United States – often in the face of both racial and gender discrimination.

During the district's lunchtime session titled "Overcoming Adversity to Experience Success," Denard Burden, black employment program manager for the Middle East District; Dr. James K. Bryant II, professor, Shenandoah University; Angelica Delboy, realtor; and Gaea Honeycutt, chief executive officer, G.L. Honeycutt Consulting, LLC; all discussed an African American woman who had been particularly inspirational in their lives. They provided examples of leadership and dedication that can continue to serve as motivation to all who face great challenges and wish to persevere.


"As courageous visionaries who led the fight to end slavery and tenacious activists who fought to expand basic civil rights to all Americans, African American women have long served as champions of social and political change. And from the literary giants who gave voice to their communities to the artists whose harmonies and brush strokes captured hardships and aspirations, African American women have forever enriched our cultural heritage. Today, we stand on the shoulders of countless African American women who shattered glass ceilings and advanced our common goals. In recognition of their legacy, let us honor their heroic and historic acts for years to come," said President Barack Obama in his presidential proclamation released on Jan. 31.

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